Miss J's Real Boudoir | Boudoir Photography, Lethbridge, Alberta

Often times, in the quiet of the studio, a woman's soul will emerge. Who she is to her very core will come out, and that is who I will photograph. If I'm very lucky, that woman will acknowledge that moment, and be very open and honest about who it is she is inside. That was Miss J for her boudoir session. I learned so much from this woman, in her honesty, in her soul baring moment. She was truly a misunderstood soul, even by herself for a very long time, and it has only been recently that she's been able to truly identify who she is. When she shared that moment with me, I came to learn about her struggles, her triumphs, her every day hurdles, and her bigger than life personality. My camera was there to capture it all. How Real she is.

Katie Pahara Boudoir Photography Lethbridge Alberta Canada

Thank you Miss J for allowing me to share your images, and thank you for sharing your story with me. Life has made you Real, and the love of your family has made you Real, and I hope I was able to capture what a Real, Beautiful Soul you have. 

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